Get Jennifer Aniston’s Look for Less

Every time I catch a glimpse of Jennifer Aniston on the red carpet, I can’t help but get insanely jealous. Perfect tan, toned legs, and flawless highlights. It makes me wonder what kind of super-human beauty powers she possesses to look that good all the time.

OK, I guess it’s not so much super-human beauty powers as much as a team (or an entire army) of really good hairstylists, makeup artists, and personal trainers. After all, it’s easy to look like a celebrity when you are one. But still, that’s got to cost her a pretty penny, don’t you think?

I was curious as to exactly how many pennies, so I made a few calls and dug around to find out Aniston’s beauty regimen. From her iconic haircut to her favorite makeup products, I tallied up what it costs to look like this A-list celeb. Let’s just say I was shocked by the final figure.

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But once my shock wore off, I found that I wasn’t as jealous anymore. Why? Because it made me realize that with the right product swaps and do-it-yourself tips, it was possible to look just as good as Jen without spending all of that money. Ready to find out how?

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