Graduation Hair and Makeup

Your graduation day is one you’ll want to remember — obviously. And with all of the pictures you’ll be taking? You need a look that won’t melt or frizz before you walk across the stage. Since your cap and gown are pretty much mandatory for graduation (hey, at least your outfit is one less thing you have to worry about), you just need to decide how you’re going to do your hair and makeup. Yeah … easier said than done.

With most graduations held outdoors, it’s probably going to be hot, which means you’ll need to make sure your makeup won’t melt off while you’re sitting under the hot sun for hours. Not to mention, you have to find a cute hairstyle that will look good even under a graduation cap.

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Since you probably won’t have time between finals, parties and picking up your parents from the airport to schedule hair and makeup appointments, we talked to celebrity hairstylist Ange Grmolyes and celebrity makeup artists Edward Cruz and Marissa Nemes for you. That way you can DIY and skip the embarrassment of having even a single bad picture (so not happening to you).

They gave us the best makeup looks to complement your cap and gown (yep, even your boring black one), and they taught us how to make your eyes and lips pop. On top of that, they provided some gorgeous graduation-worthy celebrity hairstyles. We even took the liberty to Photoshop a grad cap onto them so you can see how it would actually look on the hairstyle. Love us much?

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