Best Braiding Tutorials We Love

I met my best friend through our mutual love of braids in the fourth grade. She was French braiding her desk partner’s hair. I walked right up to her and asked her to teach me. As they say, the rest is history; I gained a BFF for life and an uncanny obsession with braids.

But just how big is this obsession? I still remember the day I saw the waterfall braid for the first time. I spent hours practicing it on my coworker, until I was eventually able to do it on myself. Ditto for the milkmaid braid, and the rope braid. And don’t even get me started on beauty that is the French fishtail.

But there are still some braids that I haven’t mastered. I don’t know about you, but I’m a very visual person, especially when it comes to recreating hairstyles. You can throw a bunch of words and steps — even a picture of the style — but it’s pretty much gibberish to me. And for some, trying to french braid their own hair can turn into a knotted mess by the end.

Click here to watch the best braid tutorials on the web.

To really learn how to braid, I have to see it done in person, or watch a video of someone doing it on their own hair. (Thank goodness for YouTube!) And that’s where these video tutorials I found come in handy.

Nothing makes me happier than pulling off a complicated braid after several tries, so the fact that I was easily able to learn a bunch of new braids I never thought I’d get the hang of? Best. Day. Ever.

Before you try the following braids on your hair, keep this tip in mind: If you’re a braid beginner, it’s good to practice with wet hair, because it’s easier to work with.

Now — keep reading (er, watching) to learn how to do a variety of different braided hairstyles.