New Ways to Wear Wavy Hair

Looking for a way to style your wavy hair into something other than boring waves? Or maybe you’re stuck somewhere between straight and curly hair (which could translate into frizz if you don’t know how to style it correctly, yikes).

Either way, it sounds like you’re in need of a little inspiration. Believe it or not, wavy hair gives you soo many styles to choose from (you can even get wavy hair overnight) — but maybe you just need to see it on a celebrity first to realize that it’s actually doable on yourself.

For example, have you seen Blake Lively or Vanessa Hudgens’ wavy hairstyles lately? Gooorgeous. They’re known for their trademark beachy waves, but they always wear their hair differently every time they hit the red carpet. Or what about Jennifer Garner and Amanda Seyfried — I’ve never seen anyone else pull off soft, romantic waves like they do.

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So now that you’ve had enough of my pep talk, here’s a gallery filled with different ways you can style wavy hair. Each look comes with a tip on how to get the specific style you’re looking for (I know, so helpful), and you’ll be able to copy the look in no time. From romantic updos to fun accessories, you’ll totally love the different looks you can create (not to mention how great your wavy hair will look).

So go ahead and check out the gallery, play around with your waves and come up with new hairstyles for yourself. And to all the girls with straight hair out there: don’t be afraid to try these looks! All you need is a curling iron or our tips for getting wavy hair overnight and voila — you’re ready to get started.

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