Celebs That Could Be Sisters

Every once in a while, I log onto Facebook to find that the time has come around again when everyone is changing their profile photos to their celebrity doppelganger. And as many different apps as I’ve tried, I can never seem to find one that fits. Because let’s face it, celebs have a team of people helping make them beautiful, teasing their hair to the perfect height of volume and making up their eyes to look giant and smoldering. It’s only fitting that the people whose looks really truly emulate beautiful celebrities … are beautiful celebrities.

In that spirit, we rounded up the celebrities we just can’t keep straight. (I can’t be the only one who confuses them, right?) From sultry celebs known for starring as a seductress, to those with a more PG audience, “American Idol” singers and Nickelodeon stars, click through and be prepared to take a second look.