Risk-Taking Hair: LA Edition

I don’t like change. Case in point: I’ve had the same long, layered, mousy brown hair since junior high. And if it were up to me, I’d keep this look for another 20 years.

Unfortunately, my friends aren’t going to let that happen. They’ve started a hair petition (and are quite possibly planning an intervention) to get me to try a new hairstyle. They even called my stylist to get her in on the action, and convinced her to say she thinks my hair is boring. So much for loyalty!

But deep down, I know they’re right. It’s time I took a risk with my hair. It’s just hard to imagine myself with a new look, and all of the celebrity hairstyle pictures my friends send me are too ridiculous to wear in real life. Stuff like Lady Gaga’s man-made hair hat and Ke$ha’s scalp spikes. Seriously?

So I decided to take the research process into my own hands, and set out to find wearable inspiration from real women on the streets. It definitely wasn’t hard. In a single day, I rounded up 15 women whose edgy styles I could actually imagine myself wearing. From jaw-dropping haircuts to funky highlights, these are the hairstyles I now have to choose between. Which look should I try?

Click here to see how to style hair — the L.A. way.