Golden Brown Hair with Blonde Highlights

Okay, everyone has been talking about the cut of Jennifer Aniston’s hair for the past ten years, but what about her color? Her golden brown hair with blonde highlights has not often wavered, and it’s because it complements her natural coloring perfectly.

Aniston has gone from ashy blonde to dark golden brown and everywhere in between over the course of her career. She is one celebrity whose hair has never landed her in the dreaded “don’t” column. To recreate Aniston’s golden brown hair with blonde highlights, ask your stylist to use foils rather than balayage. They provide greater control and precision. If you want your hair to look as natural as hers does, try to stick within a few tones of your natural color. That way, they’ll look great with your skin and hair color, and you won’t have to be as meticulous about upkeep.

Aniston uses brightness around the temples and face to frame her face and highlight her eyes. Bring pictures to your colorist to help describe exactly what you want. Other celebrities who sport golden brown hair with blonde highlights include Emily VanCamp, Jessica Alba, and Lauren Conrad. Sun-kissed, California girl blonde highlights can be the perfect accent to brown hair if done right. 

Golden brown hair with blonde highlights, while beautiful on some, obviously isn’t the answer to everyone’s hair rut. For more highlight hype, check out these highlighted celebs, or, if you’re feeling daring, these pastel hair dye trends.