Celebrities with Red Hair

The world’s most rare hair color is suddenly becoming a favorite of the celebrities. Redheads account for just .5% of the world’s population, but it seems like celebrities with red hair are popping up everywhere.

Au Natural

Lindsey Lohan, Isla Fischer, and Jessica Chastain are some of Hollywood’s only natural redheads, and Lindsey even opts to cover her ginger hair with platinum blonde bleach. All three typically wear their hair long and wavy, which shows off their gorgeous color.

Surprising Dye Jobs

While we still love Lucie no matter what her hair color might be naturally, it’ll probably surprise most to learn that Lucille Ball was a brunette by birth. Other celebrities with red hair that are the result of great dye jobs: Cynthia Nixon, Debra Messing, Kate Walsh, Amy Adams, and Emma Stone.

Temporary Trends

It seems like almost every celebrity tried on red hair at some point, from leading ladies like Blake Lively (does she look bad in anything?) to popstars like Rihanna. If you decide to try the trend, make sure you visit a pro — red hair walks a fine line between beautiful and orange and brassy. We found the celebrities who seem to be hair dyeing addicts — are you?

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