Rihanna: Her Style Evolution

Check out her style high and low points, plus get expert tips to make her look your own

Rihanna Style Evolution Girl Next Door

Fresh-faced, girl next door

It’s been less than a decade since we met — and coincidentally fell in love with — Rihanna. And although she’s naturally beautiful, our first impression was that she was a little “plain Jane,” in need of a slight, subtle makeover.

Here, she looks like the girl you may have shared a locker with in high school; the girl you cheered with on the squad; but the girl you wanted to mimic in terms of her hair and makeup? Not so much. That said, according to Bass, “Rihanna has the most perfect skin coloring — almost honey-caramel — and her eyes are so outrageously emerald that it’s nearly impossible for her to look bad. She can pull off anything.”