Swimsuit Dos and Don’ts

We'll get you in and out of the dressing room fast with these swimsuit tips for every body type

Swimsuit Dos and Don'ts

Here’s our definition of a perfect swimsuit: cute, comfy and flattering to your body shape.

Have you had that “I’ve found it!” moment yet? You know, when your eyes just land on the suit hanging there on the rack (cute), it feels amazing on (comfy), and it just looks soo good on you in the dressing room (flattering). It’s like every little thing you’ve done in preparation for this summer has been leading up to this eureka moment.

Well, all of those crunches are about to pay off, baby. Because we spoke to Katie Maco & Lindsey Steede, stylists for ArtistsByTimothyPriano.com, to create the ultimate swimsuit guide. We weeded through tons of different styles, cuts, shapes, colors and patterns to find the best (and worst) swimsuit for your body type.

Now all you need to do is read through the dos and don’ts for each body type, and your next trip to the mall will be fun and stress-free (which bathing suit shopping totally should be). Do you love us or what? Nah, no need to kiss our feet. We just think everyone deserves to find their perfect swimsuit without spending hours trying on different bikinis.

Plus, since you’re saving so much time on swimsuit shopping, you can spend more time seeing what else will look great on you this summer. Like finding a perfect hairstyle for your new swimsuit. Or you can take this quiz to see what else your closet is missing, now that your hot bikini has found its permanent home.

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