Craziest Looks at Fashion Week

Mercedes-Benz New York Fashion Week is the chance for designers, hairstylists and makeup artists to show the world what we’ll be wearing come spring. And there were a lot of really gorgeous looks we can’t wait to try — and plenty of lust-worthy clothes way out of our budget. Sigh …

Buuut, there were also some truly outrageous looks at Fashion Week too — ones that had us scratching our heads, wondering if it was all some kind of practical joke. I mean, do they really expect us to slather putty from Home Depot in our hair or intentionally smudge our lipstick all over our faces? Sorry, but that aint happening.

Click here to see the craziest looks at Fashion Week.

The truth is that Fashion Week is a show, and some designers opt for wacky over wearable. It certainly got our attention, so I guess they’re doing something right — even if the thought of white eyelashes makes us cringe.

I figure you’ve seen enough of the “pretty” and “wearable” looks from Fashion Week, so I thought I’d show you the good stuff: the craziest, most out-there hair and makeup looks we saw while backstage at Fashion Week. A few of them you actually could try out at home — or at least a toned-down version — and the rest were simply too hilarious/scary/bizarre not to show you.

So step right up and check out these circus sideshow attractions — whoops, I mean Fashion Week models. Sorry, with the freaky hair and makeup sometimes it’s hard to tell the difference.

Click here to see the craziest looks at Fashion Week.