12 New Holiday Party Looks

Since you’re a total social butterfly, you’ve probably got hundreds of invites to holiday parties this year. I’ll leave it up to you to decide which ones to pencil into your rapidly-filling calendar (oh, the woes of being popular) and get to the good stuff: party clothes.

Or rather, party dresses, shoes, jewelry and purses that are all new and perfect for everything from your co-workers Christmas party to your boyfriend’s New Years Eve blowout. We asked Lani Inlander, owner and chief stylist of Real Life Style, to tell us what trends will be hottest for this year’s holiday parties — and how you can pull them off without looking like a fashion victim or a reject from an ugly sweater party (ewww).

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The best part: you only need to go shopping if you want to. Which, uh, you probably do, but just in case you’re putting all your cash toward gifts for others this season (what a sweetheart), we’ve got tips to rework what’s already in your closet. Seriously, no one will even realize you’re wearing your little black dress from two holiday parties ago.

Aaaand, if you do want to pick up a new party dress or maybe just a cool pair of shoes or a clutch, we’ve found the cutest ones for any holiday party. We tried to keep the prices pretty low too, so you can buy new party wear if you want and still have some money left over for a bottle of champagne — er, I mean, a sweater for grandma.

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