Best Jeans For Your Body Type

Our complete denim guide will match you with the perfect pair of jeans you've been looking for

Joe's Jeans

If you are: hourglass-shaped

What to look for: High-waisted jeans to accentuate that great waist of yours. Wide leg jeans or boot cut jeans will also help balance out your hips.

What to avoid: Jeans with a loose waistband. You want to avoid the “gaping” you get with a small waist, so pick jeans with a contoured or “curved elastic waistband,” says Prommer. You’ll know by looking at the waistband — you should see a seam that tells you it was cut on a curve and sewn together instead of being one piece of fabric.

Ones to try: Joe’s Jeans, Honey Booty Fit, $169