Get a Red Carpet Look for Prom

You know, when you think about it, prom is kind of like the Oscars of high school. Everyone gets as dressed up as possible, lots of photos are taken — all you need to do is add a red carpet and swap out that prom queen sash for a little gold statue and it’s practically the same event.

Going with this only partially crazy logic, it makes sense that you’d want an Oscar red carpet-worthy look for prom. A head-turning dress, flawless hair and makeup, why not?

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Luckily, you don’t need months of prep work and a team of stylists to get you ready. Just follow the advice of makeup artist and author of “Style Eyes” Taylor Chang Babaian, owner of Byu-ti Salon in Santa Monica, Calif. Natasha Sunshine-Antonioni, celebrity hairstylist Serge Normant, stylist Ashley Roberts and David’s Bridal Style Council member Sinead Kasch.

These guys have all the tips you need to put together your red carpet prom ensemble. From finding the perfect prom dress, to the matching celebrity hairstyle and makeup look, even how to make sure it all goes together fabulously (trust me, there’s nothing worse than picking out your look and then realizing it looks terrible all put together, sigh).

All you have to do? Find your leading man arm candy and convince your school’s prom committee to invest in a red carpet for your big entrance (you know you’re so worth it).

Click here to get a red carpet prom dress, hairstyle and makeup look.