Dare: I Let My Boyfriend Dress Me

One editor lets her boyfriend pick out her clothes for a week; see the hilarious results here

spring fashion

Day 1: Good start

When James first opened my closet, he went from laughing (“so many tiny sweaters!”), to confused (“where do you keep your pants?”), to frustrated (“I don’t know how to pick accessories!”). But ultimately he did well for his first day.

It’s not something I would normally wear to work, I generally reserve these linen pants for weekends and vacations, but paired with the blazer it’s totally office appropriate. I actually got a ton of compliments from my co-workers saying they liked my “nautical vibe” and that I looked “extra dressed up today.”

Unforeseen bonus: Instead of spending 10 minutes searching through my closet for an outfit, I got to relax, read the newspaper and eat a leisurely breakfast. I might be on to something here.