Comfy and Stylish Looks for Class

My morning routine during college was relatively simple. The alarm clock went off, I hit snooze a few dozen times, finally rolled out of bed, picked up my tote, and hit the sidewalk. Notice I didn’t say, “get dressed.” Getting dressed was reserved for night classes, weekend parties, or the occasional afternoon at the mall. When it came to those 8 a.m. lectures, it was pajama pants all the way.

And as every college student knows, the pajama-just-woke-up look is a completely acceptable way to come to class. It’s college fashion 101. Sure, there are a few girls who are super dolled up, with matching accessories and complete makeup. But I bet they didn’t feel as comfy as me in my soft, cotton-y goodness — er, though they probably didn’t fall asleep in lectures as many times as me, either.

Click here for some stylish and comfy looks for class

Now that I’m out of college, and leggings have made a HUGE comeback, I see you don’t have to sacrifice fashion for comfort when it comes to early college mornings. There are tons of hip active wear/loungewear that are super cozy and won’t embarrass your mom when she meets you for lunch on the quad.

I also found you some quick and easy makeup and hair looks for the rest of your sleepy self. Notice I also didn’t say, “do hair” or “put on makeup” above. Yeah … college me might have been a hot mess. Don’t repeat my mistakes. Check out the stylish and comfy looks now.