Comfy and Stylish Looks for Class

Have an early class? Forget your plaid PJs. Here's how to look good without sacrificing comfort.

easy braided hairstyle on blake lively


While we love ponytails, they can get a bit boring. Since you’re on your way to being presentable — you have been paying attention, haven’t you? — you might want to check out this super easy hairstyle. We call it the chunky side braid and it’s perfect for the five minutes you have after rolling out of bed. Here’s how to get the look:

1. To start, part your hair to the side. Loosely gather all of your hair and pull it to the other side of your head. Begin braiding your hair over one shoulder. (For a messier vibe, allow a few pieces of hair fall out around your face while braiding.)

2. Secure the braid with a thin, clear elastic. Use your fingers to loosen the braid.

If you want to be uber fancy, and have one more minute:

3. Use a 2-inch curling iron to curl some of the face-framing pieces. Mist the entire look with a lightweight hairspray. See, that wasn’t so hard, was it?