Comfy and Stylish Looks for Class

Have an early class? Forget your plaid PJs. Here's how to look good without sacrificing comfort.

active wear shorts


Live in a warmer climate? Don’t really wear sweatpants to class? Congrats on no sweatpants, but we’re guessing you’re probably wearing shorts — pajama shorts — to class. Are they the ones with the hearts or the ones with the gigantic flowers? Do they have a little bow? OK, enough with the questions. Our response: totally unacceptable. But here are a few you could actually be proud of. FYI: You might want to save the shorter ones for your 400-person lecture rather than your discussion session.

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Women’s UA Draft Catalyst 3″ Short, $34.99

Merona French Terry Crop Pant, $16.99

Risque Bloomer, $25