14 Street Style Trends to Try

Need some fashion inspiration? Forget the mags, there's more than enough style on the street

14 Street Style Trends to Try

Sure, magazines have tons of fabulous fashion spreads, but when we want to see real, hip outfits — that we can actually afford — it’s all about the streets. It also helps that we’re in L.A., one of the best cities for all things fashion-related. Often, all it takes for some style inspiration is a quick walk, where you can see tons of women trying new looks or coming up with the next big trend. And since most fashion ideas originate from the ground up, we thought we’d show you what’s happening right now.

We spent an afternoon on the streets of L.A., looking for women who aren’t afraid of a little fashion experimentation. And we didn’t have any trouble finding tons of women — edgy, cute, boho, fierce — all rockin’ their own unique style. We snapped photos of our favorites, and also got the lowdown on where they shop, their fashion philosophy, and the style icons they look up to.

Click here for fashion trends from the streets.

While we were snapping away, we also were reminded of a couple valuable lessons:

1. You don’t need to spend a ton of money to look amazing.

2. You should never be afraid to mix things up a bit — vintage with new or traditional with trendy.

3. You can have fabulous style no matter your shape or size.

OK. Are you ready for some real-girl fashion? ‘Cause we can’t wait to show you. By the way, the next time you’re feeling fashion-challenged or simply uninspired, spend an hour or so people watching. You never know what brilliant looks you’ll come across on the street.

Click here for fashion trends from the L.A. streets.