6 Fashion Bloggers We Wish Would Be Our BFFs

These girls are so stylish, we'd ask them to margaritas and become instant friends (you know, if that wouldn't be considered creepy)

6 Fashion Bloggers We Wish Would Be Our BFFs

I like fashion blogs for the weirdest reasons. Unlike most of my fashion-obsessed friends, I don’t visit these blogs just for artsy street style shots and high fashion you can buy only in your dreams. When I’m really digging deep in a style blog, I care more about the person behind the ensembles. Nothing is more unpleasant than a snobby blog persona or even worse, a bland one.

Friendship-potential isn’t exactly in fashion bloggers’ job descriptions, of course. But I think about their redeeming qualities and speak about them like we’re best buds (I promise I have real friends, too).

Think about it: you probably love/hate any waif who’s strutting her stuff in Chanel/Alexander Wang/Proenza Schouler. But you love/love (or at I least do) any waif strutting around in said clothes who not only acknowledges her charmed life, but provides hilarious commentary. I prefer my fashion bloggers well-rounded too — after all, what’s a better match with fashion than recipes for adorable cupcakes and macarons? And don’t get me started on the fashion bloggers who mix travel and fashion by adding exotic locales to any street style photo-shoot. Ah-mazing.

So, I present you with my favorite fashion bloggers — the ones who not only post gorgeous images and outfits, but are people you’d actually want to be friends with. Don’t get me wrong — I’m not suggesting you start stalking these stylish gals and actually try to befriend them, but reading their blogs may give you some great fashion advice and a few laughs.

Click ahead for the blogs with the best street style and the best best friend potential.