VMAs: Fully Covered to Nearly Naked

Did you watch the MTV Video Music Awards this year? We did, and our jaws dropped within the first three seconds of turning on the TV. And not because of the performances (although Lady Gaga dressed as a man was pretty crazy — and fantastic).

It was what we saw on the red carpet — or we should say, “black” carpet — that totally stunned us. The celebrities were definitely dressed to impress, but something seemed a little … off this year.

The first thing we noticed was how some celebs took a more modest fashion angle than previous years. A few surprising celebs decided to cover up, including Kim Kardashian and Beyonce (although she couldn’t help but steal the show with her brand-new baby bump. So cute).

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If you’ve ever watched MTV before, you’ll know that clothing that covers isn’t normal for the VMAs (click here for the crazy looks from the 2010 MTV VMAs). In fact, it only made the rest of the celebs in attendance look waaay more scantily dressed (not necessarily topless, but it gets pretty close) compared to the more modestly dressed stars.

So to commemorate this unique occasion, we put together a gallery of celebs in order from the most clothed to the nearly naked. From Katy Perry’s baby blue kimono-like dress to Selena Gomez’s lacy black getup, these stars blew us away with their unique fashion choices this year.

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