MTV VMAs: From Pretty to Scary

Ahh, the MTV Video Music Awards — every year, it just never fails to amuse. Whether it is a Britney strip tease or a Kanye meltdown, the VMA’s can be counted on to provide plenty of fun-filled entertainment, fashion, and beauty trends.

Click here to see the 2010 MTV VMA hair, makeup and fashion trends

What was once a show to celebrate and congratulate the best new music videos of the year (MTV plays music? Mmm ok) is now more of a “what shenanigans will Eminen pull?” or “what cray cray makeup will GaGa debut?” kind of night.

Gone are days of grungy and subversive flannel-clad Nirvana, as last night’s “white” carpet was set ablaze with glittery gowns and a little too much faux-tan … poor Snookie (c’mon, so not a spoiler alert! That was going to be a given).

Some went for glam like The Hills girls, who mysteriously wore metallics this year (they like, for sure called each other up to plan, duh), while others went for basic black and white ensembles. Some stars went for “pretty” and others went for, well, scary? What you can know for now is that there were some definite fashion, makeup, and hair hits and misses.

Check out which of these stars looked totally toe-up this year and which were show-stopping gorgeous, including Selena Gomez, Maria Menounos, Stephanie Pratt, Ashley Greene, Audrina Patridge, Emma Stone,

Lauren Bosworth, Ciara, Katy Perry, Ke$ha, Snooki and Lady GaGa.

Click here to see the 2010 MTV VMA hair, makeup and fashion trends