Most Awesome Celeb Halloween Costumes

There are so many reasons Halloween is one of my favorite holidays: an excuse to buy candy corn in bulk, movies like “Hocus Pocus” playing on loop, and of course … the costumes. The only down side? There’s always a ton of pressure to think of an amazing ensemble. This year I am determined not to cop out by throwing on a pair of cat ears and calling it a night. So to get inspired, I’ve rounded up my favorite celebrity Halloween costumes of all time.

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Celebs have connections with designers, famous makeup artists, and hairstylists. Plus, they have assistants that can spend days scouring all of Los Angeles for the “perfect” vintage sock hop skirt. All this adds up to celebs having some of the best Halloween costume ideas ever (and me being able to skip all that work and just steal one of theirs). Even if you already have your costume planned out, you can still admire all the celebs decked out in their Halloween getups.

So what pop singer dressed in drag as Freddie Mercury? And what actress went trick-or-treating with her husband and baby as a family of kangaroos? Keep clicking to find out.