Celebs With Justin Bieber’s Hair

The teen sensation is taking over the world, so why not Hollywood?

Celebs With Justin Bieber's Hair

“The Bieber” is getting just as famous as “The Rachel.” Literally — teenage boys are going into salons with pictures of Justin Bieber in hand, asking their hairdressers to give them “The Bieber.” Surprised? You shouldn’t be. Bieber fever is already taking Hollywood by storm (duh, proven by this amazing gallery).

If you don’t know what “The Bieber” is, just take a look at the picture (and crawl out from under that rock). It’s a longer, layered bowl cut worn by singing sensation Justin Bieber. It’s smooth, it’s shiny and it’s totally bringing back the beloved Beatles hair trend.

Because we like to have fun (and it’s always fun playing around with celebrity images), we photoshopped Justin Bieber’s hair onto some of Hollywood’s most popular celebs. You’re just dying to see the results, aren’t you? Click here to see the gallery.

For those who are head-over-heels in love with this look … really? Well, here’s how to get it. If your stylist (OK, your husband/boyfriend/brother/son’s stylist) hasn’t seen it before, ask for a layered bowl cut that’s a bit longer near the ears, along with long, side swept bangs.

Then comes the styling: brush the hair forward over your ears, and run a bit of styling product through it for a piece-y look. And don’t forget to flip it (shake your head a lot). Because that’s the best part about this hairstyle. The real Justin Bieber may rock the look, but can other celebs? That’s for you to decide — click here to see the gallery of celebs with Justin Bieber’s hair.