The Best Bobs Right Now

It doesn’t matter how long the bob has been around, it is still considered a risky hair move. Why? For starters, there’s the challenge of figuring out if it will actually work with your face shape. Then there’s the fear that you and the stylist wielding those scary scissors won’t have the same vision of what your bob should look like. After all, no one wants to go in for the Cameron Diaz and leave with the Kris Jenner.

Also, when you chop off your hair to chin-length, it leaves little room for mistakes — literally. If the cut is bad, there’s no hiding behind a ponytail or topknot; you’re in for an awkward few months of fervent bobby pinning until your hair grows out.

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Celebrities aren’t exempt from these short hair missteps (exhibit A: Miley Cyrus). But lately it seems like many of them are taking the risk and ending up spot on in their new shorter hairstyles. In fact, going above the shoulders is the latest hair trend in Hollywood.

Thinking of making the (big) cut? Here are the stars who’ve taken the hair plunge and got it right.