11 Major Celeb Clothing Line Fails

I kinda hate Jessica Simpson. I immediately turn the radio off when one of her songs comes on. Her reality show “The Price of Beauty” was so bad that I didn’t watch VH1 for an entire year. And her chin really bugs me. (I know it’s a low blow. It’s not that I have anything against butt chins … it’s just her butt chin I can’t stand.)

But I have to admit this: The girl knows how to design clothes. My jeans from her clothing line “Fashion Bug” are the only ones that flatter me from every angle. And whenever I walk into the shoe store, I head straight for the Jessica Simpson shoe section. Every time. It’s not surprising that Simpson’s fashion designer empire is worth $1 billion.

Unfortunately, when it comes to certain celebs that I actually like, it’s the complete opposite. They have amazing talent when it comes to acting or singing, but then they try their hand at fashion. The result? A total fail.

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According to both real women and fashion critics, these clothing lines are the worst in the history of fashion. From the poor quality of the clothes to the tacky and unwearable styles, if the stars actually wore the clothes they designed, I think celebrity fashion would lose all of its credibility. (LiLo, I’m looking at you).

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