Top 7 Beauty Lies Celebs Tell

I have many celebrity pet peeves — unearned book deals, free designer clothing, automatic airbrushed photos — but my biggest pet peeve? When stars spout bad (or even false) beauty advice. You know what I mean. It’s the “flawless” starlet who claims she never needs to wear makeup, or the eco-conscious celeb that says it’s her macrobiotic diet that makes her skin glow and hair shine. And the one that really kills me? The new mom, back in her bikini weeks later, even though she says she didn’t exercise one bit.

Of course, they don’t mention the personal trainers, chefs, dermatologists, hairstylists, makeup artists and image consultants that are really working around the clock in the background.

The sad part is that many people believe what these stars say. A fruit juice detox doesn’t sound that bad — and if Beyonce says it works, it’s got to be true. After all, she has access to some of the best beauty advisors around. But sometimes, these stars are just repeating bad (and even dangerous) advice. Meanwhile, you’re dishing out hundreds of dollars, or risking your health, to try this insane new beauty method.

With all this pent up frustration, I decided to bust some of the worst beauty lies. We can’t let the beautiful people get away with this any longer. Are you with me?