Best & Worst Kardashian Products

I’d be more than happy to never hear the Kardashian name ever again. Sadly, you and I both know that’s not going to happen. Besides the TV shows, magazine covers, and quickie weddings, the Kardashians sell (and endorse) a boat-load of products. Case in point: You can remove unwanted body hair, get a great tan, tone your butt, and even drop 10 pounds — all using products branded with the Kardashian’s name.

But do all Kardashian products suck? Or are some of them actually worth your hard-earned cash? To find out, I decided to look for the best — and worst — Kardashian merchandise. (And here’s a spoiler to keep all you fellow Kardashian haters reading: Not all of their products are terrible.)

Click here to see all the Kardashian products I found, which I then ranked from best to worst.

Out of all the Kardashian stuff their momager, Kris, has wheeled and dealed into existence, I chose 10 of the most talked about items and endorsements to begin my investigation. Not only did I check out the merchandise myself, but I also spent a ton of time reading actual customer reviews, research reports, and even a few court documents (you’ll see why in just a second).

That’s when I found out not everyone is onboard with the Kardashian franchise. A website called has an online petition with close to 660,000 signatures of people who “pledge to boycott any products sold or marketed by Kim Kardashian.” Wowza. And who knows? After you check out this gallery, you might decide to sign the petition … or do exactly the opposite.

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