Top Celeb Look-Alikes

How cool would it be to look like a celebrity? Imagine it. You show up at a club, get mistaken for Lauren Conrad, and you’re instantly whisked away to the VIP section — free drinks and all. Not bad, right?.

Of course, the jig would be up the second someone realized you weren’t really L.C., but the perks would be awesome while it lasted. Just ask that Old Navy girl/Kim Kardashian look-alike. Not only did she make money from those commercials, but she also racked up a ton of publicity, and scored Kim’s old BF Reggie Bush. (OK, we admit that last one is a little creepy.)

All kidding aside, it’s pretty rare (maybe even impossible) for a regular person to pull that off. But then again, I found 16 women who look so much like their celebrity doppelgangers that they could easily snag the star’s sloppy seconds. Seriously, wait until you see these pictures.

Check out the gallery of celebrity look-alikes now.

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