Ultimate Fall Trends Guide

Normal fashion spread: Size 0 models, wearing $10,000 dresses, while riding camels in the Arabian desert.

Our fall fashion guide: Real women, wearing affordable clothes and trendy accessories (not to mention super cute poses), and NO silly props.

See what we’re getting at? The way fashion magazines portray the latest trends can be kinda cheesy and majorly unrealistic. For one, we can’t afford designer duds, no matter how much the mags claim they’re a “must-have.” And sometimes, while we might love a certain ensemble, we don’t have all the pieces — or, let’s face it, cash — to bring the look together in person. Not that we want to buy camels anytime soon …

So rather than focusing on what these magazines don’t provide us with, we decided to take the inspiration and run with it — our way. With the help of several hair, makeup, and fashion experts, we put together the ultimate fall fashion guide to help you take your favorite fall trends and turn them into totally wearable looks.

Plus, a group of real women wore and modeled these four looks in our gallery, which is proof that you can follow clothing trends without looking like a fashion victim. (See why we’re so much better than any fashion magazine?)

Click here to see four head-to-toe fall looks.

*Hair and makeup by Byu-ti Salon, in Santa Monica, Calif.