Ooh-la-la Looks from 2013 Paris Fashion Week

I may have not retained a lick of French from my high school class besides “bonjour” and “je t’aime,” but the haute couture shows at Paris Fashion Week definitely trigger my inner Parisian spirit. So while I and every other fashionista on the planet still envy the likes of RiRi and K-Stew for getting front row seats to the parade of couture gowns, the least we can do is pretend we witnessed it in the flesh as we gawk at the beautiful images (hi-res, at least) of this year’s runway magic.

Couture shows notoriously pump out some outer worldly stuff, and while the fashion didn’t disappoint on that end, the beauty trends on the runway were outrageous enough stand on their own. Considering how awesome it looks on the catwalk, I covet the Rapunzel-length hair, gold spackled eyes, and glistening wet eyebrows spotted on this year’s couture models. Admittedly, this kind of hair and makeup isn’t something you can typically pull off in public without getting a few double takes, but a girl can dream can’t she? For sanity’s sake, you might want to leave a few of these looks for the runway, but take them down a notch and you’ll be ahead of the beauty game this fall.