What Your Undies Say About You

Aside from nudist colonists and a few celebs — ahem, LiLo — most of us wear underwear everyday. While experts say there’s no real reason to wear ’em, they do provide some benefits, like protection from chaffing, sweat absorption, and keeping our pants free from any excess fluids (ew, but true).

OK, enough with the health lesson. The good news for us undie-wearing gals is that when it comes to our undergarments, the options are endless. There are tons of styles, fabrics, patterns, and embellishments. So, if you don’t like the benefits listed above, how about this one? Underwear is just one more cute/sexy/pretty (pick one) piece of clothing we get to wear … and a select few get to see.

With all this undie wearing, our choice of panty must mean something. So, we turned to Alexis Calhoun, bra/lingerie specialist from Victoria’s Secret, and Stephanie Rygorsky, fashion editor, to decode everything underwear. We’ll tell you what type of personality your panty has — and yes, it does have one — and what your panty choice says about you.

Click here to see what your underwear style says about you. If you’re interested in what men have to say about your lingerie style, check out this story.

NOTE: We are not officially trained underwear psychologists, though we are official underwear wearers, so please proceed with caution.