15 Ways to Hide the Freshman 15

Ah ... the infamous Freshman 15. It creeps up without warning, and suddenly those skinny jeans are just a bit too skinny. Here's how to hide those extra pounds

maxi dress

Trick No. 6: Try a maxi dress

Do you carry weight in your stomach? No matter your shape or size, many women struggle with this same problem. (Yay?) However, there are ways to hide this trouble area, though you might be more surprised on what doesn’t work.

According to Sanders, “Empire waist dresses and tops are traditionally thought to conceal a belly, but in reality they only make a woman look like she is expecting.” Khan agrees, “You can only wear an empire waist if your chest is larger than your stomach.”

As for what you should wear, Sanders recommends a maxi dress, which is “great for hiding a variety of body imperfections.” If you’re looking for separates, Rygorsky suggests a fitted top paired with a very full, high waist skirt.

And the number one rule of all? “Do not wear pants that cut into your belly and give you a muffin top,” says Sanders. Hopefully you knew that one.