15 Ways to Hide the Freshman 15

Ah ... the infamous Freshman 15. It creeps up without warning, and suddenly those skinny jeans are just a bit too skinny. Here's how to hide those extra pounds

head-to-toe black

Trick No. 1: Wear head-to-toe black with a pop of color

You’ve probably heard this popular fashion slimming tip: Always wear black. While it’s probably the most repeated of all classic fashion rules, it’s also the one with the most truth. “Wearing head-to-toe black makes you look thinner than just about anything else. If you ever want a no-fail look, just go for all black,” says Rygorsky.

Khan is also a big fan of black and says it definitely slims the body. But he also warns that an all black outfit can get a bit boring. His advice: “If you’re wearing all black make sure to add bright accessories.”