15 Ways to Hide the Freshman 15

Ah ... the infamous Freshman 15. It creeps up without warning, and suddenly those skinny jeans are just a bit too skinny. Here's how to hide those extra pounds

loud prints

Trick No. 14: Try loud prints and patterns

“I love large prints on larger women. It’s all about experimentation, and using the right proportions,” says Fashion stylist Adeel Khan. For example, when it comes to animal prints, Khan recommends only using the print in one or two items — not an entire head-to-toe look.

Rygorsky agrees with Khan. “Go ahead and experiment. Find a print you love.” But she also had some suggestions on how to wear a print. “As a rule of thumb, use prints for emphasis. Place smaller prints on the areas of your body that you don’t want to emphasize as much, and use larger, bolder prints where you want to get attention.”