15 Ways to Hide the Freshman 15

Ah ... the infamous Freshman 15. It creeps up without warning, and suddenly those skinny jeans are just a bit too skinny. Here's how to hide those extra pounds

good fitting bra

Trick No. 12: Get a great fitting bra

Undergarments play a huge role in how clothes lay on the body; therefore, never underestimate the importance of a great fitting bra. “It’s amazing that after so many ‘Oprah’ specials most women still walk around wearing the wrong size bra,” says Sanders.

Khan adds, “Wearing the right bra is always important. If it’s too small, you’ll have back fat, and if it’s too big, there’s no support. Go in and get a bra fitting. Accept your bra size. A good fitting bra makes your clothes flow better.”

If you haven’t had your bra size checked in a while, it’s time to get checked out. Embarrassing, yes, but it’s worth it.