Real Girls Wear: Colored Jeans

Every girl has a favorite pair of blue jeans. The ones that fit her just right. Make her butt look amazing. Hit at the perfect length. But, does every girl have a favorite pair of colored jeans? If not, we think you should …

Colored jeans started popping up earlier this year on celebs like Rihanna, Rachel Bilson, Fergie, and Emily Blunt — and it seems like they’ve finally hit the mainstream. Brands like Joe’s Jeans, Citizens of Humanity, and JBrand offer a rainbow of options, and if those jeans don’t fit your price range, try UrbanOutfitters or Forever21. But, while we love our celebs, we want to see how real girls put their own spin on this denim trend.

Click here to see how real girls wear colored jeans.

So we hit the mean streets of the blogosphere. Why? Because we get some of our best inspiration from fashion bloggers. They aren’t afraid to express themselves, or take risks when it comes to the latest trends. In fact, these girls are usually the ones starting the trends.

Here’s the deal: We’ve created a new series called “Real Girls Wear,” and each feature will focus on one fabulous fashion trend. As for the models and the looks, we’ll be pulling from the most inspiring fashion bloggers around. (If you’d like to be considered for a future story in the series, comment below with your blog info.)

Click here to see how real girls wear colored jeans.