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adorn an online diamond and jewelry wedding rental site


Grade: A

What it is: Adorn is a fine jewelry rental site (we’re talking real diamonds). Women mainly turn to the site for weddings, but it can also be used for any special occasion.

How it works: Let’s take Kate Middleton’s famous wedding earrings, for example. The floating diamond drop earrings retail for $10,875, but you can rent them for just $160. The piece arrives two business days before your event, and you must send it back the first business day after your event. Every diamond comes insured, but if it’s not returned (ever), you must pay 33% of the deductible.

What we found: It’s a dream come true. You get to fine jewelry you could never afford to buy. Plus, the site’s personal jewelers clean and inspect each piece before they ship it to you, so it arrives in tip-top shape. All you have to do is put on the most beautiful piece of jewelry you’ve ever owned — er, rented — in your entire life.

Although, we couldn’t help but think — what if you break it or lose it? That almost scared us away. But we just couldn’t get over the fact that these are real diamonds for an amazingly low price. And for a special occasion like your wedding day, we would totally use this service.