What Guys Think of Your Clothing

Remember when we asked real men what they thought about our makeup and hairstyle choices? They gave us completely honest opinions on a variety of our favorite looks, ranging from “It looks like your eyes are leaking upward” to “Your great-aunt called and wants her hair back.”

Hmm. If they feel this way about our hair and makeup, we can only imagine what they had to say about women’s fashion. But we wanted to hear it for ourselves, so we picked some of the most popular fashion trends we’ve been seeing (and we ourselves have worn them more than once, we’ll admit it) and asked 93 guys to weigh in on what they like and what they can’t stand seeing.

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OK, so we might be throwing some of you ladies under the bus with this. But these poor guys never get a chance to tell their girlfriends or wives what they really think about what they’re wearing. So we thought we would finally give them an opportunity to let loose and be scathingly honest about our fashion trends. Anonymously, of course.

We’ve always known guys had strong opinions, but we were pretty shocked at what they had to say. The trends we asked about include neon, oversized sunglasses, plunging necklines and tons of other celebrity fashion examples we like to copy. Each trend garnered different opinions from different guys, but we definitely have to give them kudos for making us laugh so much with their hilarious comments.

We ordered the trends from most liked to least liked, so scroll through the gallery to see what guys really think of your fashion trends.