How to Mix and Match Prints

Leopard print + polka dots = totally in. And if you do it right, you can pull it off without looking like you got dressed in the dark

mix match prints plaid blazer polka dot dress

Tip No. 2: Try mixing prints in similar color groups

If you’re afraid of going too crazy when mixing prints, try this trick: “Stick to prints that are in similar color groups,” says Rygorsky. Not only will this help blend your look, but the juxtaposition of prints isn’t quite as jarring. For example, a red and blue polka dot patterned top would look great with a red and blue plaid jacket. This works because “there is something in common among the patterns you are wearing,” says Inlander.

Get the look:

Buckle Daytrip Plaid Blazer, $36.82

Joseph M Polka Dot Dress, $20.42