Real Girls Wear: ‘My Favorite Shoes’

My favorite shoes: black heels with white comic book sayings all over them — Zap! Kazam, Pow! Splonk, Splat! My mom found them on extreme clearance for five dollars, and thought they were ugly, so she knew I would love ’em. (I did.) They’re definitely statement shoes, perfect for parties or nights out.

My best friend Rochelle’s favorite shoes: simple olive green flats with elastic on the heel. (I should know, ’cause I spent hours helping her search for a new pair after her originals busted.) Since she’s tall, Rochelle shies away from heels, and those flats are the right height — not to mention super comfy and something she can wear almost every day. I guess “favorite shoes” means something different to everyone.

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So, what does it mean to our favorite fashion bloggers? What shoes do they covet? Wear all the time? Have a slight obsession with?

Apparently, these questions struck a nerve because I was suddenly flooded with tons of “favorite shoe” pictures. Makes sense though, who doesn’t love looking at pics of shoes? Um, nobody. These girls also sent in a head-to-toe pic, to show what outfits they pair their faves with (cue celebrity fashion paparazzi). So many different looks, different shoes, and fun viewing ahead. Get ready for some major shoe porn.

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