Stylish Ways to Wear Dirty Hair

No time for a shower? No worries. These styles will keep that day-old (or week-old) hair looking good, no matter the situation

dirty hair waterfall braid

Waterfall braid

This is one of those hairstyles that’s way easier than it looks. This style works best on dirty hair because it provides a better anchor to hold the braid. This means no pins or bands are needed to secure it. Here’s how Depeyrot and stylist Andi Scarbrough of Byu-Ti Salon say to get the look:

1. Start by brushing through your hair to get out any tangles or knots.

2. Starting from the left side of your hair, take a 2-inch piece of hair near your temple and split it into three sections. Braid your hair like you normally would a few times to create a base for the French braid.

3. When you’re about three inches away from the temple of your head, begin French braiding your hair. Take a small piece of hair from the top, and add it to the middle section of your braid.

4. Then take the left strand of hair at the bottom, and bring it over the center strand of hair.

5. This is when you’ll drop the right strand of hair (which is now at the bottom of all three sections) and let it fall. Pick up another small section of hair right next to where your original strand fell. This is your new right strand.

6. Repeat steps three to five, moving the braid along across the back of your head. Continue to add hair from above the braid and drop the strands below the braid as you go.

7. When the braid reaches the other side, secure it to your head with bobby pins.

8. For more detailed steps, watch this waterfall braid video tutorial.

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