11 ’60s-Inspired Hairstyles

Love that "Mad Men" look? We'll show you a bunch of hairstyles that would fit in perfectly at the office of Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce -- but also work for today

'60s hair

Big, Soft Beehive

You don’t want to look too kitschy when wearing a ’60s-inspired ‘do. That’s why this soft beehive totally works for today. Instead of a tightly gathered, perfect cone-shaped hive, this one is relaxed and looks more carefree.

The first step is to create tousled, voluminous curls. To do this, Scarbrough suggests backcombing each section before you take a curling iron to it. “Roll the iron over the backcombed area and let it cool before running fingers through or pinning up,” she says. Once you have the volume and the curls, create a center part, and pin up half of your hair. Then, pull the sides toward the back and pin them at the back of your head.