Don’t Fight It: Pretty, Frizzy Hair

Cursed with frizzy hair? Not anymore. The newest trend is all about embracing the frizz, instead of fighting it

Major Volume

Instead of trying to battle with your hair, embrace its natural volume. While this hairstyle works best on girls with curls, you can still get this style even if you have thinner, straighter hair. Mason tells us how to recreate the look using pin curls:

1. On dry hair, create a deep part down the center and spray hair with hairspray, like Wella Dynamic Fix Hairspray, $12.

2. Use large hairpins about a finger length or longer, and wrap small sections your hair in a figure eight motion around the pin.

3. Once your entire head is covered in pin curls, flat iron the loops of the figure eight with your hair still in the pin, clamping the iron for only a few moments. Repeat this process on your entire head.

4. Remove the pins and shake out your hair.

5. Comb out your curls, but not too much so that you still keep the integrity of the wave and texture.