Dare: 7 Days of Hair Flair

One editor tries to break out of her hair rut with seven hot hair flair ideas. What happens? Keep reading to find out

Red Bow

After the floral crown, I decide to go with a less noticeable piece of hair flair. And while I wouldn’t call myself super girly — I tend to wear a lot of black, and skew more toward leather than lace — the bow isn’t that bad. It’s a nice touch to my messy bun. As for my very vocal coworkers, today they aren’t so loud. Besides a sly comment from Mary (Should I hold your hand while I walk you to preschool?”), a lot of the girls like the look, and I get a fair amount of “Cute!” reactions.

Consensus: I might not go for this exact bow in the future, but a studded hair clip would definitely be an option.