Dare: 7 Days of Hair Flair

One editor tries to break out of her hair rut with seven hot hair flair ideas. What happens? Keep reading to find out

Gypsy Headband

Every weekend, I see these gorgeous headbands at my local flea market. They’re made by a local jeweler, Vida Kush, and all the girls crowded around her booth look amazing in her gypsy headbands. Now it’s my turn to give it a go.

My first thought? This is so not me. Instead of embodying that free-spirited California vibe, I feel like I’m playing dress up … in a bad way. And my coworkers are having a hard time trying to place the headband as well. Austin thinks it’s very Bollywood, Eric finds it “Middle Eastern and confusing,” and Mary says something about Monte Carlo and casinos. But this is nothing compared to the reactions of perfect strangers.

At the salad bar at lunch, I get the “What was she thinking?” stare down from a girl in high-heeled loafers and a tweed blazer. Her hair is long, shiny, and curled. No hair flair in sight. And on the elevator, I run into an acquaintance that works in one of the other offices on our floor. I try to keep up normal small talk while I suppress the urge to shout, “This is just a dare!”

Consensus: This might look great on some girls, but the gypsy headband is not for me. Next …