Dare: 7 Days of Hair Flair

One editor tries to break out of her hair rut with seven hot hair flair ideas. What happens? Keep reading to find out


This may surprise you, but I was actually looking forward to wearing this turban. Here’s why: Unlike the other hair flair accessories, the turban is mine, and I wear it from time to time. It’s originally from an old movie set, and dates back to the ’40s. But just because I love it doesn’t mean everyone does. To wit: I wore it on a flight back to the east coast and when my mom saw me wearing it, she looked like she was about to die. “Take that thing off your head,” she demanded.

As for the reaction around the office, I think people notice I’m a little more comfortable with this look, so I don’t get as many weird comments. (I do get my picture snapped though, so our New York office can see what kind of “fun stuff goes on at BeautyRiot,” in the words of the sales team.) By the end of the day, Cinya, my desk mate, says, “I actually don’t mind it. I’m getting used to it.”

Consensus: I would definitely wear the turban again. In fact, I don’t wear it nearly enough. This is one piece of hair flair that I can get behind.