Celebrity Hair: Better with Bangs?

Blunt. Wispy. Baby. Thick. Choppy. Long and side swept. No matter how you cut it, bangs have completely taken over Hollywood. In fact, many hair aficionados have dubbed 2012 the “Year of the Bang.” And when you take a look at the A-list, it’s not hard to see why: Jessica Biel walked down the aisle in short, baby bangs; Taylor Swift appeared on practically every magazine cover with long, blunt fringe; Rihanna tried every possible variation of the style; and Rooney Mara was transformed by a ’50s set.

Of course, one can’t even think about bangs without referring to Zooey Deschanel. Her adorkable style has caught on, and at the center of all the hoopla is her thick, gorgeous fringe. Just check out this parody, called “Bangs Like Zooey,” set to Adam Levine’s “Moves Like Jagger.” (The rap in the middle is especially hilarious.)

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The only problem with this bang craze? Not everyone looks good with the same type of bangs, and sometimes celebs are the ones making the biggest mistakes. (Just check out the pop star on the next page.) There’s help though. “Everyone can pull off some variation of the bang, whether it’s the longer, piecey fringe or the heavier, blunt bangs,” says stylist Kami Knudsen from the Beverly Hills-based salon, The Private Room. It’s just a matter of finding the right style, from long and side swept to wispy fringe.

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