The New Way to Wear Leather

You've mastered leather skirts and pants now see how to add the sexy fabric on top

The New Way to Wear Leather

Remember when leather pants were scary? When they were always on the fashion no-no lists, right below “white after Labor Day” and “acid wash anything.”

This was for good reason. We all remember the most famous leather pants horror story — aka the “Friends” episode with Ross’ epic leather pants fail.

But to borrow a phrase from Heidi Klum, when it comes to fashion, “One day you’re in, and the next day you’re out.” While they may have been a style reject for years, leather pants are finally making their way back on the A-list — literally. Thanks to fabric advances, stars have embraced lighter, thinner leather (and yes, pleather) in the form of skirts, pants, and even dresses and tops.

Sure, a stylish leather jacket was always biker-chic — but could anyone pull off a leather shirt? Not until now. Keep clicking to see all the glam ways celebrities are wearing leather fashion trends.