Celebrity Hair: Better with Bangs?

Bangs -- all the celebs are getting 'em these days. But can just anyone pull them off?

Rooney Mara

For her role in “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo,” Rooney Mara underwent a massive transformation. She lost weight, got some piercings, and chopped off her long, curly brown hair. In place of her curls, Mara went for a short, black ‘do with short, Bettie Page bangs.

Luckily, this look didn’t veer into ’50s costume territory. “Rooney has a great face shape, and nice strong features. The bangs show off her eyes, her strong brow, and her bone structure. It just really goes with her style,” says Knudsen. If you’re thinking about a bang like Mara’s, Knudsen warns that this is a high-maintenance bang: “The upkeep for this look requires lots of regular trims.”